Rental Management Made Easy

We can help streamline and automate your invoicing process.

Need a quick an easy way to manage your rental locations? Look no further with RentGo we can help you keep track of all your real estate rental properties and save you time with automated invoice generation.

RentGo is an easy to use and intuitive application available any time, any where. Register for a new account today!

RentGo Features

Forget spreadsheet we can make the data work for you.

Dashboard Reports

With a glance in the dashboard you can see from a high level how much money is coming in, the number of tenants active and any appointments for today.

Tenants Appointment Scheduling

Need to jot down an important service appointment for one of your locations? Our appointment scheduling for tenants will allow you to create calendar events for each tenant that needs to know.

Automated scheduled invoicing

With our easy automated scheduled invoicing tool you can quickly setup a schedule where every month our application automatically generates an invoice and sends that invoice to you tenant through email.

Sales Report

Sales reports can show you over time how much rental income is coming in for each tenant. See your daily, weekly, and monthly income with a press of a button.

House Inspections

Each location can have a list of house inspection results for record keeping. Each inspection item can be created ahead of time for easier input later.

Tenant Management

It’s easy to add, remove and modify all your tenants for each location.


Any type of maintenance service can be added as a list item with category name and estimated hourly rate.


Every real-estate property can be added to the locations section.

And many more, please register to find out…


Pricing tailored to your needs. You can always change your plan at a later time.

$20/month *

No Credit Card Required. 1 Month Free Trial.
50% off for 24 Months

  • Unlimited Tenants
  • Unlimited User
  • Unlimited Location
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Service/Rent
  • Employees
  • Invoice
  • Scheduler
  • Inspection Report
  • Sales Report

* Payments can be made via Interac e-Transfer.

Please contact us for more information on how to setup your payments with us.

For more information about our RentGo service, or if you have questions regarding a custom solution feel free contact us.

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